Net4Nuts has received positive feedback from all its clients located in different parts of the world. A lot of these relationships started off with deployment of a single product or service offering, but basis the quality of work exhibited, the team was eventually entrusted with many other project engagements. Some of these encouraging words are presented in this section.

"An extremely committed, dedicated and proficient team with excellent customer service and fantastic understanding of the technology space. They have the ability to understand ourtechnical needs even before the written scope of work is provided . They are very unique innature since they are the only vendors who are constantly thinking from the operatorsviewpoints i.e. their needs and wants."

Geert Warlop, Ex-Head of Products & Services Commercial,, Thailand

"We would like to recognize the software experts at Net4Nuts for their extraordinary effort, dedication, and honesty in helping us with the implementation of a GPS tracking system based on the OpenGTS platform."

Gustavo Tépoz Yáñez, Managing Director,, México

"Very good Netsuite development partner. Easy to work with and very communicative. No hassle with large reports, little things can be added on the fly."

Jaap Baker, International Sales Director, The Netherlands

"I think your response and your service have enabled us to succeed in achieving the Android and Java versions in compliance with the allocated budget. I hope in the future we continue to work on other challenging projects with your company Net4Nuts."

François Hicter, Founder, OPX SOFTWARE , France

"Net4Nuts has helped us achieve many complex functions within NetSuite. The programmers at Net4Nuts are easy to work with, patient and skillful."

Lucas Lui, Founder, Design Element , USA

"Hutch has always believed in partnering with service providers to jointly develop solutionsthat help us deliver innovative and useful value-added services to our customers.Associations with service providers like Net4Nuts have enabled us to provide our customerseasy access to stock quotes, ATM services, movie listings and other services, thus helping usdeliver a unique service experience."

Sanjoy Mukherji, Ex-CEO,, India

"Net4Nuts data services has enhanced our brand image in the customer mind! It is Always On for the User. The dynamism and diverseness of the services has an appeal across diverse target segments. Moreover, thanks to Net4Nuts constant innovative applications and services, we have been able to surge our data revenues month on month."

Sukanta Dey, Ex-Chief Marketing Officer, , India

" I have used the service for four months now. I am satisfied. It is a pull e-mail service and it costs one-tenth of the push e-mail services."

Rajan Vasa, CEO,, India

"The Mobile Email service works out to be very economical and works wonderfully even with a very basic handset. It is extremely easy to read and reply to my emails and the best part is that I receive SMS alerts for all new emails !"

Shailesh Parekh, Director, , India