Mobile Development

Net4Nuts has been developing web and mobile apps since 2000! A series of J2ME apps (Stopwatch, EMI / Annuity Calculator, Financial Ratio Calculator, Income Tax Calculator, TeleDirectory, TeleMessaing) developed for Reliance Infocomm set the ball rolling. Net4Nuts had also provided its services to a top UK company to develop a mobile client application to upload pictures on Symbian OS - Series 60.

From then to developing iPhone, iPad, Android (phones and tablets both), HTML5 and Hybrid apps now, the global mobile device and application market has come a long way, and so has Net4Nuts! Some of the clients have approached Net4Nuts just to help them mobilize (mobile-enable) key components of their enterprise solutions.

Net4Nuts has been quick to adapt to fast changing mobile networks viz., 2G/EDGE, 3G and 4G/LTE (with extremely low latency rate and almost no buffering). The apps developed now are able to provide users with far richer user-interface, graphics and experience both in online and offline modes of operation.

Areas of Expertise
  • Native Apps
    • iOS, iPhone SDK, Objective-C
    • Android SDK, Java
  • HTML5 Apps
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Architectural frameworks: AngularJS, Backbone.JS, ember
    • CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Junior
    • JavaScript frameworks: jQuery mobile, Kendo, Sencha, zepto.js
    • Browser Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, iOS Safari
  • Hybrid / Fluid / Web Apps
    • Comfortable working with cross platform app frameworks like PhoneGap / Cordova and Titanium (Appcelerator)
  • Responsive designs - Page, layout, screen-size rendering as per display, mobile & tablet form factors
  • Specific Functions
    • Location, Maps, Camera, Graphing, Calendar Telephony, Integration with SNS (Social Networking Services)
    • In-App Purchase, Facial Recognition
    • GCMA (Google Cloud Messaging for Android), APNS (Apple Push Notification Service), Mobile Advertisements
  • App Stores
    • iTunes
    • Google play
    • Release of updates
  • Experience Areas
    • 2-D Games, Puzzles
    • mHealth, eLearning
    • Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Utility
    • GPS / Location, Tracking, Geo-fencing

The team at Net4Nuts has been quite conversant with different cloud infrastructure offerings, including GAE (Google App Engine) and AWS (Amazon Web Services).