Mobile Email

Mobile Email service is designed for people who are on the move and need quick and easy access to their personal and work email. With the Mobile Email offering from Net4Nuts, the users can access their emails without the need to have any additional software on their mobile phones. The deployment of this service is also easy, as the mobile operators do not need to invest time and money in making any additions to their infrastructure. This service allows user to access mail on the handsets on which they are familiar and does not require much knowledge of mobile applications to execute their mails. Few keys to be pressed and user is through with the mails to be accessed


  • To activate the service, the users need to just provide their email address & password
  • This service will fetch emails from the specified mailbox and shows the information on users mobile via SMS or WAP as the case may be
  • The users can even set alerts (on SMS) for new/unread emails in their Inbox
  • The service works with any basic mobile handset with facility of sending SMS and/or browsing

  • All standard functions
    • Users can compose, send, read, reply, reply all, forward, delete their emails from anywhere, anytime
  • Any mobile
    • Mobile Email service works from basic to expensive handsets, and this creates a broad target market for this service
  • ALL email accounts
    • With Mobile Email in place, the users can access all email accounts like POP3, IMAP4 and Web-based
  • Simple command set
    • User can access their mailboxes (POP3, IMAP4, Web based and more) by simple commands using a STK or SMS
  • Mailbox management
    • In-built ability to securely store and manage mailbox configurations thereby streamlining access from the handset
  • Email alerts on SMS
    • User can set SMS alerts for information on new mails by name (e.g., John), subject (e.g., Urgent), time (e.g., 30 mins)
  • Next-generation features
    • Mobile Email on WAP has few unique features like Signature, Address book
  • Email attachments
    • This service has the functionality to display content for popular email attachments like Word, PDF, PPT, GIF, JPG etc
  • Always on
    • Designed to be carrier class providing uptimes up to 99.95%

  • User-friendly application
    • Ease of use of the application would ensure a huge off-take
  • Customer
    • Inspire and increase customer loyalty and hence increase the overall brand equity
  • Constant MOs/MTs
    • For Mobile Email on SMS, MOs can be charged at regular SMS rates and even the MTs can be on billing basis
  • Multiple-service-packages
    • Operators can design multiple packages according to their own segmentation of users
  • Brand differentiator
    • This service can also work as a brand differentiator as users are constantly looking for compelling VAS in limited cost
  • Drive-up usage of other data services
    • Mobile Email service may also help increased usage of other data services available