Net4Nuts initiated its operations in May 2000 with a Content Delivery Framework AVTAAR targeted primarily to Carriers and ISPs. A modern outlook and true potential of the platform has been shown below:


Net4Nuts flagship platform AVTAAR is an indigenously developed, patent pending, J2EE compliant platform allowing for integration and management of best-of-breed digital resources. AVTAAR facilitates information aggregation, service integration, intelligent alerts & presence management, and multi-device / multi-platform delivery all in a unified XML based framework.

AVTAAR is architected to provide extreme service portability, multiple-service classes, language support, auto-fault detection, extensive logging & MIS and a comprehensive administration and maintenance UI.

  • Content management and delivery framework
    • The application allows unique types of content to be added through back-end channels and localize to specific markets. The framework has been designed to work in cohesion with the existing content of service provider with look and feel of there UI
  • Personalisation
    • The application allows the user to decide on what he wants (content, source), how he wants it ( time/event based alerts), on what device he wants it (Landline, Mobile, iPaq, Palm etc.), and how does he want to access it (WAP, SMS, GPRS)
  • Easy Navigation
    • The user can access all his desired information in maximum 3 clicks. In case of iPaq, the information can be accessed in just 2 clicks while with SMS it could be even with just 1 click
  • Single sign on
    • Users can select their preferred authentication method and log in only once to receive access to their MAIP. The authentication system can intelligently detect the client type and can automatically display the right content, menus and prompts for that particular device. Once the user logs in, the session is on for a pre-determined time wherein the user can access all the information without entering the username and password
  • Support for multiple devices/platforms/language
    • The application is future proofed and has the ability to process data from multiple data sources and render that data or service to any handheld device. This means that users can access web content and portal services directly from phone, PDA, mobile or any Internet connected device

  • Single solution
  • Extremely customer/ centric application
  • Access through multiple platforms
  • Increased revenue generation
  • Works with existing application/content
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Ready to deploy