Email-2-SMS ; SMS-2-Email

Net4Nuts merged the two killer applications viz., Email & SMS and created E-SMS a powerful and robust solution resulting in fast, cost effective and convenient mode of communication. The operators can launch this solution and allow their subscribers to send SMS to an email address, and receive emails marked to their mobile-email-address in the form of SMS, thus bridging the gap between a basic handset and Internet.


  • Mobile user will be given a mobile e-mail address like < mobile no.>
  • User will be able to send e-mail to any valid e-mail address via SMS
  • E-mails sent to the mobile e-mail address would be received as SMSs
  • All functionalities of the E-SMS solution are available via SMS

  • Easy access
    • Users can compose, send, read, reply, reply all, forward, delete their emails from anywhere, anytime
  • Simple commands
    • Simple STK or SMS command sets to access the service
  • Easily integrates
    • Easily integrates with other Group / corporate / E-mail messaging products
  • Smart settings
    • User can store, manage and use nicknames for frequently used e-mail address
  • Unique commands
    • User can define their unique signatures, which would be appended to all SMS-2-Email
  • Flexibility
    • Users can change their mobile email address to reflect a name instead of their mobile no User can also avoid unwanted alerts, hence, can save unwanted charges
  • Subscription-based service
    • Users can opt for a this service, which allows them to directly read the body of email instead of a notification
  • Misuse prevention
    • Exhaustive, configurable spam and misuse prevention measures in place
  • Advance option
    • Comprehensive, access controlled UI for monitoring and MIS
  • High uptimes
    • Designed to be carrier class providing uptimes up to 99.95%
  • Alerts
    • The mobile e-mail address can also be used to receive SMS alerts from various online services that send out alerts in the form of e-mail
  • Multi-lingual support
    • Supports Unicode and other character sets, thereby facilitating end-2 -end message delivery in native languages

This service has provision for multiple revenue generation capabilities like:

  • Constant MOs
    • Per MO for reading the message body of an email receipt Allows reading of email message bodies up to 960 characters allowing for more MO generation
  • Usage charge
    • Premium MT charging for direct delivery of email message body
  • Subscription charges
    • Flat per month subscription fee for direct delivery of email message body Subscription fee + Premium MT
  • Bulk sale
    • Bulk Sale of Email2SMS capacity to enterprise