Promotions Manager

Promotions via mobile is distinct from other promotional activities since the subscribers profile, spending patterns and other demographic details are known here, thereby enabling better positioning and targeting of a marketing campaign. Also, a mobile phone is always with its user ensuring a higher chance to grab his/her attention.

Mobile-based advertising provides huge opportunities for advertisers to offer discounts, run contests, distribute prizes all this to a select set of subscribers. Promotions Manager brings forth all these capabilities and with its simple-to-use web GUI, it can be easily leveraged by Mobile Operators and Brand Owners to launch marketing campaigns to mobile subscribers.

  • As soon as Promotions Manager is installed on a system with specific configurations, the Administrator can start creating, modifying, launching promotion campaigns on platforms as diverse as SMS, MMS (includes video clips) and WAP
  • The solution is based on J2EE distributed architecture and can be integrated with different network elements, servers and gateways over standard interfaces
  • Subject to network capabilities, Promotions Manager is Capable of sending thousands of messages per second (ranging from 10 to 5000 TPS)
  • The solution has different modules for Application Management, User Management, Billing, MIS and Project Management
  • A unique platform offering the option to dispatch campaigns over SMS or MMS or WAP
  • Enables the Administrator to schedule campaigns for launching in the near future
  • Provides the facility to add / edit / delete users OR cancel / re-schedule campaigns, anytime before the actual launch date and time
  • Facility to generate various MIS reports based on the details logged
  • A flexible and scalable solution that be easily customized to incorporate any feasible change in the future