Net4Nuts bags 4 major contracts
Robin David, Times News Network

Ahmedabad: Net4Nuts Limited, a technology company from Ahmedabad, has bagged four major contracts for its customised Internet browser, Avtaar, a software for which the company claims there is no substitute. It allows various devices to communicate with each other no matter what platform they are based on.

Of the four, three are the largest Internet service providers Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The fourth is Idea which has Implemented Avtaar for its Gujarat operations. "We are hoping to add one or two clients every month from now on and become a $1- million company by the end of this year," says Net4Nuts managing director Chirag Patel.

Giving details about the Idea tie-up, Patel adds, "We know that SMS can tell show the position of a person in the Railways waiting list by typing the PNR number. But why do I need to send an SMS each time? Why can't I receive an alert each time my position changes? That is what we call intelligent messaging and the kind of service that we hope to provide to Idea. To the extent that you can receive an alert each time you receive a mail from a specific person from any of your email accounts." The service will first be provided to mobile phone users m Gujarat and then implemented by AT&T across the country if it does well In the state.

Among the international players, Net4nuts has tied up with Jaring of Malaysia, Indonet of Indonesia and KSC of Thailand. Jaring is the only country which has made an up-front purchase of licenses for Avtaar. With most of the others Net4nuls has got into a revenue-sharing arrangement as many country are still waiting for an upswing in business and are not ready to invest heavily in software technology at this point.