Cos join to break recession's back
Robin David, Times News Network

Ahmedabad: The last thing one may expect an IT firm to do in cut-throat competition times is sharing information on its products with other companies. Many have become secretive as the lengthy trough in the business cycle starts to bend their backs.

But three companies have bent the rules and remained afloat in the recessionary waters. Working in the telecom sector, they have a lot in common — in terms of work culture and products — and have decided to introduce each other in markets where access may otherwise be difficult. 

Net4Nuts from Ahmedabad, Deccanet from Bangalore and IWorkAnywhere from Mumbai have come together in an unusual tie-up where they use their strengths to help each others' products. "We have good access to the south-east Asia market," says Chirag Patel of Net4Nuts.

"Deccanet on the other hand, has developed very good links with telecom companies in the US, while IWorkAnywhere has products that complement our own. It was natural that we Join hands."

Trust is the catchword among them. As Abhijeet Birewar of IWorkAnywhere puts it, "We did a little due-diligence, that strengthened the feeling of mutual respect and trust." With both Deccanet and Net4Nuts having the same investor in Gujarat Venture Finance Limited, they had one more reason to gravitate towards each other. 

Patel adds that it is next to impossible to open door in large companies, as senior executives remain inaccessible, not even coming on the phone at times. "Instead, if you are introduced by one of the other companies who already work with them. the entire approach changes."

Adds Abhijeet Birewar of IWorkAnywhere, "One company can't do everything. However the customer is always looking for broader products. If synergistic companies, especially small ones, come together and offer a broader product, the probability adding value to customer increases."

The informal network is already starting to bear some fruit for the three. They are now hoping to develop a long-term relationship.