URM: A new Avtaar from Net4Nuts
Tutul Ray

Avtaar is aplatform leveraging internet for collaborative communication between diverse resources. With Avtaar, the user can receive data on any device-PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, etc.

Ahmedabad-based Net4Nuts Limited, world's first universal resource management (URM) technology provider, has launched its URM product Avtaar.

A fairly new concept, URM is the final link to efficient deployment of resources.

"Here the term resource defines any digital device that could be programmed," said Net4Nuts managing director Chirag Patel.
Avtaar is a platform, location and device agnostic solution, leveraging the internet for collaborative communication between diverse resources.

The end user may either be part of an enterprise or an individual. Highly modular and scalable in architecture, it conforms to the most stringent industry security features.

The functionality of Avtaar is that it establishes a completely integrated collaborative framework that allows users in an enterprise system or those of a service provider to configure their best-of-breed resources with the platform.

"It facilitates integration. among the functionalities of the service provider, enterprise and complementary third party services.

User experience is thus enhanced tremendously by the 'set-up once, use anywhere' concept. With its tacitly well-meshed information flow process, Avtaar can be positioned at the apex of the convergence eco-pyramid," says Patel.

Essentially based on the SMS platform, Avtaar could be called a 'customised SMS service'. Here, the end user has the ability to receive all data - be it the status of his preferred stock, or an urgent e-mail alert, or news alerts - on any device - mobile phones, PDAs, wireless devices, PCs or palmtops.

Receiving e-mails or the stock status is just the basic service that a service provider can offer with Avtaar.

"The potential this technology presents across industries like financial services is immense. It will bring in a new dimension to 'value-added service', which end users can avail of, without any significant addition to the existing infrastructure of service providers or enterprises," says Net4Nuts vice-president (engineering) Neerav Parekh.

The open structure of Avlaar will allow an effortless integration with. external third-party services. Depending on the specific requirements, Avtaar is available as a solution suite, a 'shrink wrapped' product or on the ASP model for rapid deployment.

Net4Nuts' first client is Silicon Valley-based ConvergeLabs, a company that focuses on the wireless and telecom markets and offers services that help equipment vendors, wireless operators and application developers get their solutions to the market faster.

The company has developed an IP bypass solution that delivers 'always on' data service to GSM subscribers, thereby providing a first data experience that can accelerate a cell phone user's migration to high speed data services like GPRS.

The entire project of ConvergeLabs was based on Avtaar platform and was executed within 60 days by Net4Nuts.

Avtaar is a Java solution, which is XML compatible, and it conforms to J2EE specifications.

"We are targeting two markets for our product - service providers like cellular and internet and enterprises like ConvergeLabs, who wish to develop an open architecture over their intranet, said Net4Nuts vice- president (marketing) Aneesh Sen.