Net4Nuts' Avtaar
Anil Chopra, New Delhi
solution that takes information from various online resources and delivers them to customers.

Avtaar is a server-side solution that gathers information various online sources, and delivers that information to you through various channels, be it your mobile phone, wireless device, fax, Internet service or even your enterprise application like ERP. The concept behind Avtaar is called URM or Uniform Resource Management.

Avtaar is targeted at service providers like ISPs, mobile services and portals. Even a large company can buy it for its key employees. The individual consumer would hear of the service through a service provider. Taking and example of what Avtaar can do, it can collect e-mail from all your accounts, and show them on one Web page. This reduces your time to login to each individual website, check mail, and logout. Similarly, it can check your online bank account and inform you about when your balance drops below a certain amount. It can collect information from a financial portal, and send you and SMS on your mobile phone when a particular share value goes down. You can define the details for the shares.