Net4Nuts offers consolidation of online services


IN a world where information is gleaned from various online services, consolidation becomes essential. That's what Net4Nuts is offering through its URM application. According to the company. Universal Resource Management (URM) has the ability to integrate resources at all levels by creating an application scalable enough to be able to connect to resources from service providers, enterprises or individuals.

"Our product brings in integration and automation. It will allow alt these services to collaborate and exchange data." says Chirag Patel, Founder and MD, Net4Nuts.

The URM application consolidates User information like e-mail, stock quotes. calendaring & scheduling information, etc and presents it in consolidated form through a variety of mediums (SMS.Web.WAP, IVR etc) and on various devices. It enables users to access their e-mail and other information from mobile phones, landline phones, PDAs, through the Web, etc.

Net4Nuts will work with providers of wireless services, online service providers and telecom companies to facilitate consolidation of information at a personal level for the end user. 'The service provider can customize our URM application in accordance with the requirements of its user base," informs Patel.