The Net is all about nuts!

IPT News Network, Mumbai

What would a few Net crazy people do when they get together? Form a company! “The Net drives people crazy and that is why we have named our company Net4Nuts,” says Chirag Patel, Chief Nut. You can call him the Managing Director of the company of course, but this MBA from Loyola University Chicago prefers this ‘designation’ which is also printed on his official card. Not surprisingly while the Chief Financial Officer is Biz Nut, the Chief Technology Officer is the Tech Nut. Calling them by any other name is a strict no-no in the fun-filled atmosphere of their Ahmedabad-based office.

The Chief Nut is evidently a very proud man today, having been able to put together a world class team of “nuts” who have sought to rediscover their roots in their hometown and have come from Sydney, Chicago and San Francisco. All shared by a common passion – the Net. And though the clients are taken aback by the unusual designations, as far as delivering work is concerned the team is all seriousness, enabling the flow of information between online services and devices.