Nuts about the net
22 Oct, 2007, 0000 hrs IST, Tapash Talukdar, TNN

Blackberry, better watch out. Accessing e-mails on cellphones is being made mass market, thanks to research by an Ahmedabad-based firm Net4Nuts. The company says it has developed applications which facilitates subscribers to access Internet on any GPRS phone at one-tenth of the cost of push e-mail services offered by Blackberry.

“ in ‘me-on-the-go’ caters to mobile users who need information in the palm of their hand — whenever, wherever. These days, people can’t do without information. They need to be in constant touch with their Inbox,” says Net4Nuts founder and CEO Chirag Patel.

However, as he says, when it comes to accessing e-mails when you are away from your home or office, the choices are limited and expensive. “Most people don’t buy expensive phones or they do not prefer installing and configuring software on their handsets. They also don’t like paying high tariffs for using Internet services. So, we came up with the idea of MeOnGo, wherein you can log into one website and access multiple accounts,” he adds.

The company has already provided services to more than 50,000 customers across 100 countries. One of Mr Patel’s clients is America Online (AOL). The world’s biggest media company uses its services to allow subscribers sync pictures from their mobiles to online albums. There are over 15.3-crore GSM mobile subscribers in India although 40-45% mobiles sold in the country are GPRS-enabled.

It is estimated that close to a tenth of mobile subscribers in metros use GPRS facility. A meagre 3% of mobile users in tier II and III cities use GPRS.

Mr Patel, 36, has developed ‘MeOnGo’ solution for the global emerging economies to provide mobile-on-the-go service that would be processed through server and password. “A lot many small and medium companies have been benefited by these services in Malaysia, Singapore and now in India as well,” says Mr Patel. A large number of subscribers are adding up from India as it is available at a nominal cost. Most SME groups are subscribing to our service to facilitate their network expansion and are using it as an efficient tool for communication.

The company’s turnover has doubled in the eight months of the launch of MeOnGo and Mr Patel is now hoping he’ll bag big orders from global IT firms. His team is already developing SMS-related application for SmartTrust (Sweden), Intranet portal for Citybond (UK) and online portal for ManIsMine (Australia). The company has drawn attention of the global IT majors about its unique information management solutions at astoundingly cheap rates.

Considering this solution for masses, the company is intending to modernise its functions in the coming time with additional functions. The company is intending to take big leap by raising funds for future. That may be done through private equity placements or merger and acquisition story. “We have been constantly doing technology innovation for the next generation and are sure to attain a huge market for ourselves,” says Patel.

Sensing huge opportunities on mobile advertising, Mr Patel’s team is preparing to provide integrated services. And for the same, he has been talking to most mobile operators like Vodafone, Airtel and Idea. “The next big growth lies on mobile advertising and we have been waiting for the bubble,” says Mr Patel.