Cheers! You have a mobile bartender
Make your own cocktail at home Tuli Banerjee
Let's face the truth. In spite of staying in the so-called 'dry state' of Gujarat, we all know how much liquor is consumed here everyday. However, the lack of having bars and pubs in the city leads to the monotony of having plain whiskey, vodka or beer. Well, you can do something yourself to make the plain Jane into a rocking cocktail. NET4NUTS, an Ahmedabad-based value-added services company has introduced a unique feature in your mobiles. "We have introduced a new application called 'Bartender' on the online services on your cell phone. The Mobile Bartender allows you to get cocktail recipes on the mobile screen just in few clicks," said Chirag Patel, the founder and CEO of NET4NUTS. "We keep on experimenting and providing new services to our clients, including railway information, word meanings, etc. Recently we thought of providing recipes of cocktails and thus we are out with it," he added. The application offers cocktails recipes according to the name of the popular cocktails. It is an interesting tool that allows users to view recipe, ingredients, preparation and serving instructions for a cocktail of their choice! This surprising and entertaining application can be used anytime anywhere, all you need is a browser-enabled mobile. All you have to do is, go to the main menu of your mobile browser and search for the application titled 'Bartender'. Enter a cocktail name and get all options matching the query. You also get the list of ingredients (with measurements), and preparation instructions for the selected option, along with some knowledge on what type of cocktail it is (ordinary, shot, cocktail) and the preferred serving glass. So the next time you plan to call your friends for a party at your place, make the occasion completely novel with the solution being just a fingertip away. Book your bottle, get some ice, try contriving and have a blast. The facility is available with most leading mobile operators and is charged at Rs5 for each day you log in.