You Are M (URM) It's personalisation, silly. And a biz model too.

An interview with Chirag Patel, CEO, Net4Nuts

What's URM?
URM (Universal Resource Management) is a technology that provides the end-user with a single log in convergent interactivity. We, at Net4Nuts, will be the unification force which fetches information from disparate sources and information service providers; intelligently synthesising the data, the URM service then delivers this information to any device specified.

And what does that mean ...
With URM an individual only needs one password to enter the customised world. The rest is a one-time effort wherein the user specifies choice of device, location, sequence and requirement for procurement, management and/or delivery of information.

Fine. But the name Net4Nuts ...
Well, with its infinite database, the Net today is driving us Nuts. We provide the solution, URM, both through the ASP mode as well as a licensed product.