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Is there something really nutty about Chirag Patel, 31, Chief Nut? This is his designation at Net4nuts, the Ahmedabad-based company that offers online integration, reportedly the first of its kind in India. “It is to enhance your online as well as offline efficiency and productivity – reducing the amount of unproductive time spent on the Web, making surfing fast, convenient and fun,” says Chirag, the Chicago-based Loyola University MBA, who has been an avid programmer since age 15, and has pioneered in marketing and finance strategies. Net4nuts brings ideas born, conceptualized and implemented in India using American technology. For example, receiving alerts from all your e-mail accounts and accessing them at the same time, in the same window. “Net4nuts is,” says Chirag, “available offline as well as through mobile, PDA or fax.” Net4nuts is serious about having fun. However, there is nothing funny about online integration, even if you chose to call bankers ‘cash’ew nuts like Chirag does.