CEO : Colourful electric officer
  CEO and CFO are passe. So are managers and consultants. We’re not referring to the people, but the nomenclatures. From creating new jobs to what-does-it-mean designations, even funny ones, corporate India is flaunting zany calling cards and titles , "Sulekha Nair"
I am a Chief Nut Officer
Chirag Patel, Net4Nuts (a mobile value-added service provider), Ahmedabad

Anyone who wants to enter this business has to be nuts. Since the company is called Net4Nuts, it is but logical to call the chief who is running it, Chief Nut. It is wacky, catchy and has instant recall. People love it and we get some funny reactions as well. I have met a lot of people on account of this wacky designation. Besides me, we have other nuts in our firm such as Tech Nut, Business Nut (business development), etc. All our computers are also called, what else, but Nuts! We have Brazilnut, cashewnut, pistachionut, walnut and so on, until we ran out of “nut”-y names. Our server is called Nutshell. A few years ago, our venture capitalist mentioned that we could be in sync with the corporate world with traditional designations such as CEO, for our business has widened from being aimed at Internet users to mobile service providers. My business card now mentions CEO, but I make it a point to mention my earlier designation in every conversation that I have. It does not fail to elicit a smile and curious questions.

What I really do: Manage business within and outside the organization in keeping with the central vision.

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